Beveled Edge Center Brushed Finish 8mm Comfort Fit Mens Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring | JEWELRY FOR SALE

Beveled Edge Center Brushed Finish 8mm Comfort Fit Mens Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring

Wedding Band Ring Size 12.5 Free Shipping
Beveled Edge Center Brushed Finish 8mm Comfort Fit Mens Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring Size 12.5 Free Shipping-Style: beveled edged with center brush finish, Width: 8mm, Ring Size 8 to 13 MSRP: $149.99 Imagine wearing a ring that never needs polishing, a ring that is virtually scratch proof. Tungsten carbide rings are the future. With rugged looks and a modern design our Tungsten carbide rings are prefect as a wedding band or as a fashion accessory. Tungsten carbide is 4 times harder than titanium. Rated between 8 and 9 on the Mohs scale the hardest of which is diamond being rated a 10. Tungsten Carbide is so hard it can''t be engraved on, Our diamond tipped engraving machine barely makes a scratch. Completely hypoallergenic our tungsten carbide rings will never turn your finger green or cause irritation to your skin. If you need a durable yet elegant ring this is for you. Includes 100% Money Back Guarantee, Ring Box and FREE SHIPPING!!!

Jewelry Information

Brand Name:Peora
Metal stamp:Tungsten
Width:8 millimeters
Ring size:12.5


I bought this ring for my husband for his b-day since he lost his wedding ring. He was so very impressed with the ring, but it was too big, I had ordered a size 12 but the ring runs 1 size large. I contacted [...] in regards to how I can get it exchanged. They were very quick with the respons and gave me easy steps to follow. I returned the ring via mail and a couple days later just wanted to follow up to make sure Peora had recived it. I sent them a quick e-mail asking if they had recived my exchange and Peroa resonded very qickly. I am so happy with the ring and service I recived. I will shop a Peora again!

The only problem I had is the sizes seem to be a off a bit. I'm typically a 9.75 and can sometimes where a 10. I ordered a 9.5. It was way too big, and I had to go down to a 9. Wearing a 9 seems weird, considering I wear 10s, but the new one I got in the mail fits, but is just slightly loose. I imagine an 8.75 would be perfect. This is weird though, since 9.75 is normally my perfect size, and this scale is telling me an 8.75 would be my perfect size. This 9 feels like a nice 10 to me. The ring sizes seem to be off by one whole size, as you can see.

The ring itself is great. I like tungsten carbide rings for their durability and style, and I like the fact that it is virtually scratch proof. I like the brushed design of this one, with the polished edges. I had one that was just the opposite, brushed at the edges and polished in the middle, but the polished surface smudged too easily and I found myself constantly cleaning it. On the brushed surface, however, it is very difficult to see dirt and fingerprints, so it always looks good.

Great item, super-fast shipping. Just like a ring I almost bought for $299 at a jewelry store... There were a lot of comments about the rings' sizing. They match what you are sized for if you go to a jewelry store. The guide you can download from the Amazon site is way off from that, however, so if you go by it, you'll get the wrong size

I'm getting married pretty soon and I still didn't have wedding bands at hand. So I drove all around town with my fiancee where shops are almost an hr apart looking for wedding bands. I was frustrated with the long drive and every place not having the ring I was looking for or the size I needed. I couldn't wait 3 to 6 weeks for the ring to arrive with no assurance when it would arrive exactly.

So I got home and logged on to the computer. I was skeptical about buying jewelry online because before (not in amazon but another site) I had bought a pair of earrings and they didn't look anything like the picture.

So I got into AMAZON and searched for wedding bands in the jewelry department. Sorted by bestselling and there and then I knew I wanted that ring. With helpful reviews left by others that had bought the item before it really help me make a decision to go ahead and buy it. It took only 3 days to arrive (together with my fiancees wedding band). It looked EXACTLY like the picture, the moment I put it on it had such a GREAT and AWESOME feel to it. My soon to be wife and I were very pleased with this order. I do recommend getting this ring.

This ring surpassed our expectations. My fiance was struggling with choosing a style of ring he liked. He has never worn jewelry before, so he wasn't that excited about picking out a band. That is until I e-mailed him a picture of this ring. He absolutely loved it! It was the first time he has gotten excited about picking out a band. We also checked out tungsten carbide rings in the jewelry store, and they ranged from $200 to over $400 for the exact same style! A note about sizing, I checked all the reviews before we ordered, and I was nervous it wasn't going to fit. However, he got sized at a jewelry store, and that is the only sizing we used to order. I didn't check the manufacturer's website or Amazon's sizing chart, I just ordered the exact size the jeweler gave us. It fits perfectly. Order this, you will not be disappointed!


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