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Sterling Silver Jewelry Ankle Bracelet Pairs

Ankle Bracelet Pairs
Sterling Silver Jewelry Ankle Bracelet Pairs-Throughout India anklets, worn in pairs, one on each ankle, are common, though not all function as marriage ornaments. Among the poorer people and especially among more isolated communities it is common to find anklets of base metals like white metal, copper, and copper alloys such as brass and bronze. However, in most places, anklets are made in silver. Anklets are of two basic types, i.e. the stiff and the flexible. The stiff anklets are either cast or fabricated by hammering sheet metal into the requisite shape. Using the techniques of chiseling, engraving, repousse, granulation or threading and wire work, anklets are patterned. The flexible variety employs close interlocking of separately made links tied together either by using variations of chain technique or by threading together of links. Known as jhanjhar or pajeb, the flexible variety is often further adorned with jingle bells. There is no better music to the ears of a lover than the jingling sound arising from the steps of the beloved. This has been a subject of innumerable poetic stanzas in Indian literature over several centuries.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Ankle Bracelet Pairs-Jewelry Information

Length:10.25 inches
Brand Name:ShalinIndia
Metal stamp:925-Sterling
Clasp Type:other-clasp-type
Total metal weight:2.54 Ounces


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