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Silver Lever back 1.5" Long Dangle Earrings

SCER009 Lavender Blue And Clear Swarovski Crystal Earring
SCER009 Lavender Blue And Clear Swarovski Crystal .925 Silver Lever back 1.5" Long Dangle Earrings-These delicate earrings are a perfect accompaniment to our Swarovski crystal necklaces and bracelets. The cool hues of the crystals perfectly complement each other, causing beautiful reflection and sparkle. The dangle allows for movement and visual interest. A sure hit with that perfect outfit at work, school, or a special occasion.

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Measures approx. 1.5 inches in length from top of lever to bottom of dangle
Sterling silver lever back finding

Earrings will be shipped in FREE Gift Earrings boxes making it easy for you to surprise some one.

Silver Lever back 1.5
Jewelry Information

Brand Name:Gem Avenue
Height:38 millimeters
Back finding:lever-back
Metal stamp:.925
Material Type:crystal

Stone Information

Minimum color:multiple-colors


I think these earrings are just
great. The color and sparkle are
just the thing for anything you

When i received my earrings in the mail i was not so excited as when I saw these compared to when I saw it on the web. They are good quality and cute sparkly earrings but they are definitely not genuine swarovski crystals. more like glass.

These are very dainty, sparkly earrings. They're a good size, not too big, not too small, and very lightweight so they don't pull on your earlobes. Very girly, I just love them!

These looked great in the picture, but when I got them I was disappointed. There's not as sparkly and bright as I had thought they would be. They just look like plastic beads on a wire. The return policy from the store I bought them from was such that it would have cost too much in postage and fees to make it worth returning.

The cost of these earrings is very low considering that most of the jewelry that I buy is in the $30 range for earrings. But the colors caught my eye so I thought, "why not see how they are?" I was not disappointed. They are very pretty and I receive a lot of compliments on them. They catch the light and send beautiful sparkles out from the facets. I have since ordered another pair in another color.

You cannot beat this quality for the price. And if for some reason they don't sparkle enough for you, dip them in jewelry cleaner or an ultrasonic cleaner and then go out in the sun. Guarantee you that they will sparkle then!

I bought these earrings as a gift to my friend. She loved them so much. Great quality and an affordable price. I don't think you can find anything like this anywhere else than Gem Avenue.

When I opened the package, I was initially disappointed. They looked cheap and clunky. But no one looks that closely at earrings - put them on and check out the effect...

The pretty blue and orchid colors, the shine, the reflective rays- they all add up to make a dazzling little set of sparkly earrings that are fun, especially when paired with an outfit of similar colors. The sizing is good too- enough to be noticed but not overpowering. Easy to use leverback clasp makes hookup a breeze and keeps them on. Great with jeans as well as with pastels.

No one is going to mistake these earrings for fine gems, but they will admire the appearance and colors, and appreciate their look!

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mampi said...

These gorgeous, beautifully colored earrings are delicate yet bold, highly affordable, nice addition to anybody's wardrobe.

white gold diamond earrings said...

this is the type of earring style in particular that never seems to go out of fashion...

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