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14K White Gold Blue Diamond Jewelry Ring

Blue Diamond and White Diamond Ring
14K White Gold Round 3 Stone Blue Diamond and White Diamond Ring (1/2 ctw)-The total carat weight is 0.50 cts. The diamonds are blue color and VS clarity.
If this ring is not immediately available, you will be contacted with 48 business hours with other options.

Product Specifications

Jewelry Information

Metal stamp:14k
Gem Type:Diamond
Sizing lower range:4
Sizing upper range:13
Number of stones:3
Stone Weight:0.5 carats
Brand Name:Blue Diamond Jewelry by DivaDiamonds
Material Type:diamond, 14-karat-gold, white-gold, gold

Diamond Information

Minimum Clarity:VS
Stone shape:round-shape
Minimum color:Irradiated Blue
Minimum Total Carat Weight:0.50 carats


After doing much research, I decided on this ring because it was different than the usual three stone ring and at a terrific price. It is, of course, smaller than the picture but you should go to a store first to acquaint yourself with the true size of what a three stone .5 carat ring will be. That way you will know what you are ordering and won't be disappointed when the ring arrives.
The shipping was quick and well packaged to protect the ring. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

My fiance' Daniel got me this ring as an engagement ring and all I can say is that I absolutely love it. I will say though that in the picture the ring appears to have a much wider band that it actually does. But I'm not really a girl who regularly wears jewelry so the smaller size is perfect for me. And the blue diamond doesn't look the same as in the picture, but the dark shade that I have is gorgeous. All in all I am super happy with the ring and even happier with the man who got it for me.

This ring doesn't even APPROXIMATE the quality that is advertised.

I had to return the ring the first time because I noticed a pretty nasty surface inclusion on the center stone; as I bought this as an engagement ring for my fianceƩ I felt uneasy about the notion of communicating my desire to spend the rest of my life with her by way of a ring bearing stones with blemishes easily noticeable to the unaided eye. Ryan was understanding and authorized the ring to be returned for repair or replacement. Fast forward a week and the ring came back to me, this time with a new center stone, complete with an even more glaringly obvious blemish to the surface than the original stone had.

I went to have the ring appraised and the center stone came back as SI quality, with the two white diamonds being graded as I1 and I2 respectively. That's a far cry from what is being advertised here.

The certificate of authenticity is pointless; the "certification" doesn't come from an independent lab but rather from Diva themselves; furthermore the certificate is completely impersonal, not even addressing the piece purchased or its individual components; and instead consists of a simple declaration that "[...] certifies that the diamonds, gemstones and gold purchased are genuine and have been hand selected and inspected by trained jewelry specialists for quality, color, cut and compliance with United States Gold Quality Standards."

--My beef isn't so much that I was not delivered a piece with certified VS quality diamonds--I really don't care about that,--but rather, that the diamonds are of such obviously poor quality that I could not possibly have the love of my life parading this ring around for the span of our engagement. I'm not that picky; regardless of clarity grade, if I could look upon these stones without being able to pick up all manner of inclusions with my naked eye I would be happy. That's really all I ask for and I think it's completely reasonable.

My fianceƩ and I think this is a truly beautiful design for a ring; though what you see here on Amazon certainly isn't what you get. The pictures are deceptive; the band is MUCH thinner than the picture would have you believe. The band is 1mm thick at the bottom and 2mm thick up top near the stones. Moreover the picture suggests a roundness to the width of the band that simply isn't there: it's really quite blocky and angular, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But it should be noted to prospective buyers.

Ryan has neglected to reply to my last two e-mails; but as soon as I get a response from him I will be returning this ring once more, this time for a refund. DivaDiamonds has simply dropped the ball with this one, failing to deliver anything even approximating the product that has been advertised.


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