14k Yellow Gold 2.7mm Cuban Chain Necklace | JEWELRY FOR SALE

14k Yellow Gold 2.7mm Cuban Chain Necklace

Cuban Chain Necklace
14k Yellow Gold 2.7mm Cuban Chain Necklace, 24" Specifications

Jewelry Information

Metal stamp:14k
Length:24 inches
Width:2.7 millimeters
Material Type:yellow-gold
Brand Name:Amazon.com Collection

Details Of Products

-Products By Amazon.com Collection
-Shipping Weight: 1.4 ounces
-Note: Gift-wrapping is not available for this item.
-Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.

What Customers Said About This 14k Yellow Gold 2.7mm Cuban Chain Necklace, 24"

Great Cuban link Gold necklace,my girlfriend bought me one,and I love it!
I get compliments all the time,very comfortable.

I was excited to get this necklace. My husband really wanted a gold version of his silver one, and this looked perfect....and at a great price. Do not buy this necklace for a man. It is way to thin and small. This necklace is definately for a woman. I cant say how the necklace really holds up, because I sent it back the next day.....hassle-free.....which was great. I got my credit back to my credit card immediately. Just disappointed....I expected this to be A LOT BIGGER.

I was just about to purchase one of these once I noticed the 30 per cent off at checkout. Then I read a couple of bad reviews. THEN......I did something I always do first.....look at the total weight.
Understand one thing first and foremost.....Amazon should be commended for posting the metal weight of jewelry. Interestingly enough I have never read any review mentioning this consumer friendly service they provide even though anyone who knows anything about jewelry knows that the labor costs on MOST jewelry are minimal. So when that salesperson tells you they have no idea about how much that gold jewelry weighs but hey....you are paying for someone to make it.....they are full of s...! Take that gold chain to a pawn shop or one of those companies that buy used gold and talk to them about the cost of labor. They will laugh right in your face while they put the gold on a scale and pay you by weight.
What I do not understand is why the cost of gold has gone up so drastically on Amazon. A couple of years ago I looked at a 15 or 16 gram cuban link chain on Amazon and foolishly passed on it even though the cost worked out to about 15 dollars a gram. Even with the 30% off.....this chain is around 40 dollars a gram.
I dont buy to resell but I do expect something for my money which is why I avoid most jewelry stores or department jewelry stores. So why, at a time when most everything else is dropping in price, has the cost of jewelry gone up so high on Amazon?


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