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Pearl Stretch Bracelet Set

Pearl Stretch Bracelet Set
7 Piece Black and White Fresh Water Pearl Stretch Bracelet Set, 7.5"-These pearls are gathered from freshwater lake and river mollusks. Most Freshwater pearls come from China and they can be mostly round to off-round, or rice-shaped to baroque. They look similar to Akoya pearls, but are the perfect gift when on a budget. They might be slightly less symmetrical, smaller, or not as easily matched, but these minor differences provide a major value for the price.

7 Piece Black and White pearl bracelets
Black and White Fresh Water Pearl Stretch Bracelet-Jewelry Information

Material Type:pearl
Length:7.5 in
Number of stones:170
Clasp Type:no-clasp-type
Metal stamp:no-metal-stamp
Brand Collection

Pearl Information

Size per pearl:5.5-6.0mm
Minimum color:multicolored
Stringing Method:unknotted-on-string
Pearl type:chinese-freshwater-cultured
Surface markings and blemishes:lightly-blemished


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