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Curb Chain Necklace-Karat Platinum 4.5mm

Curb Chain Necklace
Karat Platinum 4.5mm Curb Chain Necklace, 24"

Jewelry Information

Length:24 inches
Metal stamp:.585 PT
Width:4.5 millimeters
Clasp Type:lobster-claw-clasps
Total metal weight:1.17 Ounces
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What Customer Said About This Necklace

I bought this necklace and returned it. It is NOT platinum. It has NO resale value. If you search for "Karat platinum" on this site, you'll learn that Karat platinum is 58.5% platinum. The rest is copper and cobalt. It is ILLEGAL for not to disclose this and to say it has other metals:

The US FTC Platinum Guide for marking jewelry states that any piece made of 950 parts or more per thousand of Pure Platinum can be marked "Platinum." Pieces with a minimum of 500 parts per thousand Pure Platinum and at least 950 parts per thousand Platinum Group Metals in total, must be marked with the parts per thousand of Pure Platinum, followed by the parts per thousand of each Platinum Group Metal. Example: "600 Plat 350 Irid."

There is no way to justify the so-called "retail price" of this chain, and this chain has ZERO resale value. It is not platinum. Amazon should update the descriptions of ALL "Karat platinum" jewelry to reflect this and conform to the law.


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