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Monet Twist Knot Post Earrings

Monet Twist Knot Post Earrings
Monet Twist Knot Post Earrings-1/2" diameter 14kt gold post twist knot post earrings.

Monet Twist Knot Post Earrings-Jewelry Information

Brand Name:Monet
Metal stamp:love-knot-style
Material Type:love-knot-style

What Customers Said About This Monet Twist Knot Post Earrings

I have those earrings for around a year and they turned colors, which I found weird since Monet tends to last longer. However, I used them everyday so that might contributed to turn colors. A plus for this earrings is that for a clip-on earrings, they're extremely comfortable.

These earrings are not 14K gold. They have a 14K gold post. They are Monet earrings and are very nice, they are large but I wear my hair down and long so I need large posts earrings. I think they are starting to turn colors....I hope not since I just purchased them. I do like them and wear them almost daily to work.

These earings are larger than I thought that they would be. I also thought that they would be real gold...but I think only the posts are gold....but they are still ok. I'll keep them because, it is not worth the time sending them back...but they aren't exactally I what I thought I was going to get.

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